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Coming to Devon this Summer

Learn how to manage your long-term health condition

On a self management uk course, you will learn how you can manage your health better. Devon courses start this month. Call 03333 445 840 to find out more.

Our tutors have experience of living with healthconditions and can support you to:

  • feel more confident
  • set goals
  • communicate better with your healthcare team and your family and friends
  • learn that you are not alone
  • manage your medication


The power of the mind

In his article for the Daily Mail, John Naish talks about his struggle with chronic pain and how he overcame it using the power of his mind. Read more about his story below along with others who have used self-management techniques to live better lives.

Is using the power of your MIND the best way to beat chronic pain?

Policies in Practice

Our products and services address the health policies and programmes implemented by NHS England. To find out more about our work and how we can support you with Commissioning for Value; Diabetes Prevention Programmes and Mental & Physical health parity work, amongst others, click here to read our case studies.


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