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An effective self-management intervention

This is a highly effective programme for people with Type 2 diabetes, or those at risk of developing diabetes. It aims to develop the knowledge, skills and confidence of participants, enabling them to make informed decisions about their lifestyle and management of their condition.

Proven Benefits

  • X-PERT is considered to be the most cost effective diabetes self-management programme
  • Cost savings through a reduced requirement for diabetes medication
  • Proven to work in newly diagnosed and people with existing diabetes
  • Meets the NICE key criteria for diabetes prevention [July 2012] and diabetes structured education [January 2006]
  • Enables providers to fulfil the NICE Quality Standard [March 2011] and the 2013/14 QOF indicators for diabetes, especially NM013 and NM014


Programme Information


People with diabetes or those at risk

Course Type:

6 week course • 2.5 hours per week • Up to 20 participants

Benefits to Patients:

  • Increased carbohydrate
  • Healthier eating
  • Increased energy levels
  • Improved fitness
  • Improved wellbeing and quality of
  • Improved blood glucose levels
  • Fewer Hypos
  • Lower blood pressure and


The programme is facilitated by trained educators who work as a specialist in diabetes or have experience of living with diabetes.

Benefits to Commissioners:

The X-PERT Diabetes Programme is the most clinically effective structured education programme, fully evaluated with a randomised controlled trial demonstrating highly statistical significant reductions in blood glucose, blood pressure, blood cholesterol, body weight and waist circumference and an improvement in quality of life.