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Trainee Healthcare Professionals

Education for health and social care students

Using our Active Self Manager programmes (ASM), we recruit, train and support volunteers who live with various long-term health conditions to share their personal experiences with University students within the health and social care faculties. The overall aim of the programmes is to help improve health and social care outcomes for people living with long-term conditions by giving university students and trainees an opportunity to gain greater insight into what it means to live with a long-term condition.

Our Active Self Managers are educated in self-management strategies and additionally have a great level of commitment and enthusiasm.

The programmes are suitable for a wide range of students such as: Nursing students; Pharmacy students; Dietician students; Podiatry students and also those studying for the Health and Social Care foundation degree. The personal stories the volunteers use bring the theoretical aspects alive and really resonate with students. One of the positive outcomes is that students reflect and change their working practices as a result of attending these sessions.

Programme Information


Any health and social care students and trainees

Course Type:

Can be defined to suit your needs

Benefits to Students:

  • Enable students to gain first-hand experience of the personal needs of service users and how to improve their practice
  • Provide opportunities to discuss healthcare in a safe confidential environment
  • Increase their understanding of what it is like to live with a long-term condition
  • Useful skills for managing consultations and preparing personalised care plans
  • Increased understanding of the patient’s perspective and an opportunity to explore a more collaborative approach
  • Help improve health and social care services for people with long-term conditions