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Young Carers

Addressing the health and social needs of young carers

The Self Management for Life Young Carers’ course has been co-productively written with young carers who took part in focus groups and our prototype Young Carers course in 2013, in association with Tameside and Glossop Clinical Commissioning Group.

The aim of the young carers’ course is to help attendees better manage their own physical and emotional health and wellbeing. Specifically, the course helps young carers to recognise their own needs, develop self-management skills, increase their self-confidence and self-awareness and strengthen support networks available to them.

Participants on the course are equipped with the knowledge, understanding, skills and confidence to be able to self-manage their lives effectively on a day-to-day basis. The course is typically delivered by one adult and one trained young carer. This peer-led approach makes it easier for the young carers to open up and share their challenges.

Programme Information


Any young carer aged 13-21 (grouped into age relevant sessions)

Course Type:

2 x 2-hour sessions held at weekends or evenings

Benefits to Young Carers:

  • Learn to better manage their physical and emotional health and wellbeing
  • Enable and encourage participants to recognise their own needs
  • Strengthen participants support networks
  • Develop self-management skills – with particular focus on communication skills, dealing with difficult emotions and looking
    after their health
  • To increase participants self-confidence and self-awareness